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MTV: Extreme


MTV: Extreme



The soundtrack tie-in to MTV's Snowball parties, held to coincide with some of Europe's most prestigious snowboarding events, MTV: Extreme makes it its mission to snatch the commercial baton away from skate-punk and hip-hop--the more traditional rebel soundtrack to the very lucrative extreme sports industry. Extreme is split into two distinct CDs: "Alpine Chills", a mix of laid back hip-hop and comfy chair electronica, and "Glacial Beats", a more upbeat mash-up of crowd-pleasing techno and trance. Of the pair, it's the latter disc that fares best, piling on the instant dancefloor hits--Chemical Brothers, Zombie Nation, Azzido Da Bass--without allowing for any staggering dips in quality. It even manages to throw in a couple of pleasing wild cards: see, DJ Rolando's techno masterwork "Jaguar" and the disco-punk breakdown of Lo Fidelity Allstars' "The All The All". "Alpine Chills" is a little more baffling; it's not especially easy to see how Fatboy Slim's trite, tacky "Sunset (Bird Of Prey)" fits into MTV's proposed extreme sports agenda. However, at least the likes of Nightmares On Wax, Lemon Jelly, and Boards Of Canada are on hand to give this compilation an occasional, and unexpectedly mellow edge on the more dancefloor-orientated competition. Something of a victory, then; albeit, one that smacks somewhat of occasional commercial compromise. -- Louis Pattison

Product Description

Probably the first decent collection from MTV on disc includes many of the great recent Chillout tracks and storming clubs tracks over in Europe. Disc one is subtitled 'Alpine Chills' and includes, Boards Of Canada 'In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

MTV: Extreme